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Flaky – Real Estate Website Development

Flaky is a handcrafted WordPress Website for real estate businesses. This website offers beautiful designs with tons of useful features that a real estate business can benefit from.

Flaky Website gracefully presents property information to website visitors and facilitates real estate business owners by making property management more effortless.

Flaky provides advanced real estate search functionality that is powerful and customizable to match various business needs. You can show/hide any field in the search form, the user can add new fields to the search form, and you can customize the data displayed in those fields. You can display multiple location fields. Users can modify Minimum and Maximum price values. You can change the search behaviors and values for beds and baths fields. In short, you can customize the search form to fulfill your requirements.

If you plan to use your website for property bookings, activating the vacation rentals, Addon converts the default real estate search form to the search form’s vacation rentals search form.

Locations Extensibility 

Flaky Website provides extensibility of locations field up to 4 levels to produce search fields like Country > State > City > Area. These fields work based on location hierarchy, and you can manage locations hierarchical data from the WordPress admin side. The levels/numbers and labels of these dropdowns are fully customizable.

Real Estate Search 

Admin can enable the search feature for home page meta boxes. This replaces the slider area with a graceful looking search form over a background image. Flaky also provides related customizer settings to fully customize the appearance, search form fields, text titles, colors, and margins.

Google Maps 

Flaky includes Google Maps integration that enables you to display maps with property markers. This can only be used if a related API key is provided in settings.

Compare Properties

You can compare properties that allow your website visitors to add properties to a comparison pool and compare those properties side by side. Visitors do not need to logged in to use this feature.

Various Layouts with Custom Filters & Sorting

Flaky Website includes various page templates to display properties in list layout, grid layout, and half map layout. These templates are also supported with meta boxes to filter and sort properties based on custom criteria. You can create any custom page that displays properties based on your custom filters and sorting.

Gallery Templates

Flaky Website includes templates to display properties in a gallery layout with a quick filter based on property status.

Comprehensive & Easy to Use

Flaky Website and included Addons provide an extensive set of settings to help you customize all the important things related to your website without going into code.

Easy to Use Admin Panel

Flaky provides a rich set of meta boxes and settings that are easy to use. You can easily add/modify a real estate property and manage your existing properties.

Additional Details Field

Sometimes there is information related to a property that existing fields might not cover. Flaky provides a solution for such a structure by including an additional details field that is cloneable. So you can add as much new information to the property as you want.

Floor Plans

Flaky Website provides floor plan support for a property. Floor plans can be added from the admin side and the front-end using the user’s dashboard’s property submission module.

Property Attachments

You can provide various files ( pdf, office documents, images, etc.) as attachments to a property.

Similar Properties

Flaky Website provides a similar properties module for property detail pages. It displays properties similar to the current property. You can choose similarity criteria from customizer settings, and you can also choose the order in which similar properties should appear.

Child Properties

Flaky Website provides a child properties module for a property detail page to display any child properties ( like apartments in a building ). Each child’s property works as a full property independently.

Spam Protection Using Google reCAPTCHA. 

Flaky provides Google reCAPTCHA integration and supports reCAPTCHA V2 as well as reCAPTCHA V3 to protect your website from spam.

User Registration & Login Support

Flaky provides user registration, login, and forgot password features for your real estate website. You can let your visitors’ access members-only features using these. Flaky provides various members-only features using the member’s dashboard.

You can enhance your website’s login functionality by enabling social network integration to allow your website, visitors to login using social networks like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Social login setup guides and consults Social login setup guide for more information.

Front-end Property Submit and Payment Support

Flaky Website provides a front-end property submission feature with various customization options.

You can restrict certain website users from accessing the WordPress admin side and provide them an interface on the front-end to submit their properties. The website administrator/editor can review and publish submitted properties.

You can also enable auto-publishing of a submitted property as soon the user pays a certain fee. Flaky supports individual property payments as well as bulk properties payments using membership packages.

Front-end Properties Management for Users or Members

Flaky Website provides front-end properties management, which allows a logged-in user to preview his submitted properties, edit any property’s information, remove a property, and make a payment to publish a property. A user can pay through Online payment methods to get his submitted property published. Property payment and the automatic posting feature can be enabled or disabled from settings.

Favorite Properties

A visitor can add properties to his preference collection. So visitors can visit his/her favorites properties later on.

Visitors do not need to logged in to use this feature. As if a user is not logged in then favorite properties information is stored in the visitor’s browser and if a user is login then information is stored in the database as user meta.

Front-end Profile Edit

Flaky Website provides front-end profile edit functionality, enabling a user to edit his profile information without going to the WordPress admin side dashboard.

A user can choose to display his information with his properties as an agent’s information.

Flaky also provides functionality to create an agent against a registered user automatically, and that agent’s information will be automatically synced with the user’s profile information.


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